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Mark Whiteley has been featured in the press for his pioneering medical work regularly since 1999. Below are a selection of articles and interviews about him:

Tatler Cosmetic Guide – March 2015

Professor Mark Whiteley – part geek , part guru

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Red Online – January 2015

Expert tips on circulation and keeping warm.

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Daily Mail Online – January 2015

Too much water can make you sweat.

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Essentials Magazine – January 2015

It only takes a minute – leg exercises for circulation

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Birmingham Mail – December 2014

Men delay seeking medical advice

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Ideal Magazine – November 2014

How to banish your body insecurities in time for the party season

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MumStreet Online – November 2014

Varicose veins of the vulva and vagina – the pregnancy problem that no-one talks about

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Daily Mail Online – November 2014

Does red wine improve circulation?

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Croydon Advertiser – November 2014

Tutor thanks doctor who spotted deadly condition

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Ideal Magazine – October 2014

5 tips on how to avoid excessive sweating

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Marie Claire online – October 2014

Treating varicose veins without stripping

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Ideal Magazine – September 2014

Unveiling the truth about varicose veins

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The Telegraph – September 2014

Varicose veins during pregnancy

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GQ Magazine – September 2014

The truth about varicose veins

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Best Magazine – July 2014

Holiday Health Check

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Healthy Magazine – July 2014

“7 Ways to Love Your Legs”

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Daily Mail – June 2014

“There's nothing Professor Mark Whiteley, aka 'the leg doctor', doesn't know about achieving the perfect pins at his clinics in London, Guildford and Bristol”

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Daily Mail – June 2014

“The agonising and VERY embarrassing varicose veins that can ruin your sex life”

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Aesthetics – June 2014

The Whiteley Clinic launch, Bond Street London

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Daily Mail – May 2014

“How to get rid of those pesky little thread veins”

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Essentials Magazine – May 2014

“The Treatments Doctors won’t have themselves”

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The Mirror - April 2014

Prof Mark Whiteley quoted in The Mirror for Varicose Veins

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Daily Record - April 2014

Prof Mark Whiteley quoted in The Daily Record for Varicose Veins

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Daily Mail - April 2014

“It's not only grannies with varicose veins - just ask Miss England!”

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Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2014

The article in Tatler explains the research that Prof Whiteley has put into into his understanding and treating varicose veins and other vein problems.

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Tatler – March 2014

Tatler's "Pick Me" for Varicose Vein Removal.

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Harpers Bazaar – February 2014

“A-List legs – The Latest Methods for Achieving Lissome Limbs” – page 158 "Professor Mark Whiteley, the most renowned vascular specialist in the country"

The Bristol Magazine – January 2014

Mark Whiteley talks about his new clinic in Clifton, Bristol.

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Harpers Bazaar – January 2014

Treating leg veins - Incredibly effective and long term one; which goes to say that it is utterly worth the time and money investment.

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The Mirror – January 2014

20 Experts asked about New Year’s resolutions – Prof Mark Whiteley featured for Varicose Veins

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Get The Gloss

Professor Mark Whiteley has his own expert page on the Get The Gloss website.

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BodyFit Magazine - 26th Nov 2013

“Ask the Experts” Prof Mark Whiteley on “Top Tips” for varicose veins and healthy legs.

Talk Radio Europe - 27 August 2013

Professor Whiteley took place in a live interview on the lunchtime show focusing on the subject of varicose veins and particularly there occurrence in men.

BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show - 23 August 2013

Professor Whiteley and Charlotte Holmes were interviewed on this popular radio show focusing on Charlotte’s upcoming treatment and the topic of varicose veins in general

Healthista – 11 August 2013

Treatments – New fixes for leg veins – Prof Mark Whiteley quoted extensively about leg varicose vein treatments.

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Marie Claire – August 2013

“What treatments are right for you” – Professor Mark Whiteley is featured commenting on endovenous laser ablation (EVLA).

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Women’s Health – July 2013

“The Sweat Index” – Professor Mark Whiteley quoted with reference his Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) for under-arm sweating.

The – 30th July 2013

“Your complete top-to-toe medical” – Leg Health section quotes Professor Mark Whiteley.

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Sunday Times Style Magazine – 28th July 2013

“Keeping up Appearances” – featuring Prof Mark Whiteley and EVRF treatment of Varicose Veins.

Good Housekeeping – 5th July 2013

Professor Mark Whiteley explains the risks of DVT when flying and measures you can take to reduce risks.

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The Telegraph – July 2013

Mark Whiteley recommended for the treatment of varicose veins by Kate Shapland.

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Good Housekeeping – June 2013

“Lovely Legs” – Mark Whiteley quoted in the article explaining about varicose vein treatments - P 94

Easy Living – May 2013

“Hot right now” - Mark Whiteley and Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) featured - P 116

Glamour Magazine – May 2013

“Prep Now – (don’t panic later) - Steps to Summer Legs” - Alessandra Steinherr recommends “the excellent veins surgeon” Mark Whiteley – p 12

Prima Baby and Pregnancy Magazine – April 2013

“Erasing Varicose Veins” page 45 and “Post-pregnancy varicose veins being misdiagnosed, says expert”

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Daily Mail – 30th March 2013

New superglue treatment that can banish your varicose veins in 30 minutes.

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Tatler – Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2013

Best for Veiny Legs - Mark Whiteley featured for Venaseal “superglue” treatment of Varicose Veins p 28.

Red Magazine – March 2013

"Sort out your leg veins" a feature on Mark Whiteley and the treatments provided at The Whiteley Clinic including Venaseal “superglue” for varicose veins
P 247.

Daily Mail – 26th February 2013

Mother-of-two, 36, has operation to remove painful genital varicose veins after years of discomfort and humiliation on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies 25th February 2013.

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Channel's 4 Embarrassing Bodies – 25th February 2013

The Whiteley Clinic underwent varicose vein removal procedures on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies series 6 - episode 2.

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The Whiteley Clinic Feature

Tatler – Doctors Guide 2013 – February 2013

Mark Whiteley is quoted in the Tatler “Britain’s Top 250 Consultants by Speciality” for his work on varicose veins.

MindBodyBeautyHealth – 29th January 2013

The Extraordinary Mr Mark Whiteley – Kate Morris, novelist and journalist writes about Mark Whiteley.

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Guardian Weekend Magazine – 19th January 2013

“What Doctors won’t do …. have my veins stripped”.

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Daily Mail – 8th January 2013

Varicose veins affect just and many men as women – however NHS and Private Medical Insurers are trying to reduce the numbers of people who can have their varicose veins.

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Female First – 20th December 2012

'Varicose veins: the facts' - Article explaining about the latest understanding and treatments of varicose veins and "hidden varicose veins", quoting Mark Whiteley.

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OK Magazine – 31st July 2012 (number 838)

'You’re so vein' - Article on the latest treatments for varicose veins quoting vein expert Mark Whiteley

Telegraph - 27th May 2012

“Where to go for Vein Removal”
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'S' Magazine - Sunday Express - 25 March 2012

'Alive and Kicking' - Article on legs - Mark Whiteley quoted in section about Varicose Veins

Readers Digest - March 2012

'Varicose Veins Surgery'
Pages 62-63.

The Tatler - March 2012

'Tatler Treatments' – Excessive Sweating treated by Mark Whiteley in London p202.

The Times Magazine – January 2012

"Mark Whiteley is a man who knows legs, literally inside and out. What goes on beneath the surface...."
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Daily Mail - 14th Nov 2011

"Got BO? It just means you're sexy! "
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Woman Magazine - 22nd August, 2011

"My Health Story" - Toni explains how Laser Sweat Ablation improved her life p.42.

Hello Magazine - 1st August 2011

Health Section - Varicose veins - "Vein Hope" p.112

The Leg Room - Blog

Written by a "weekly Telegraph beauty columnist" - The Great Vein Scandal.
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Grazia - Health and Beauty - 2nd May 2011

"For major vein problems (think varicose or spider) we can't recommend Mark Whiteley at the Whiteley Clinic enough".

The Times - The Times 2, Body & Soul Pages 8 & 9 - 26th April 2011

"Say goodbye to sweat and tears" - An article on Mark Whiteley's introduction of LSA (Laser Sweat Ablation) into the UK and his teams development of the procedure - making it more effective and reducing complications. Featuring 2 patients one cured of axillary hyperhidrosis (sweaty arm-pits) and one cured of bromhidrosis (smelly arm-pits).

Tatler - Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2011 - May 2011

"Best for legs" - "We call Mark Whiteley Spiderman, on account of his superhero-like ability to erase spider veins!" - "Results 10/10"

Expert Beauty - Spring 2011

Mark Whiteley was featured as the specialist varicose vein surgeon - and also a medical advisor to the magazine.

The Sunday Times - 6th March 2011

A report on a lecture Mark Whiteley gave at The Royal Society of Medicine about non-invasive lipolysis (the removal of fat without surgery) using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Cryolipolysis (Freezing).

BBC Radio Surrey - 15th February 2011

Interview with Nick Wallis about The Whiteley Clinic, varicose veins, thread veins, the NHS and Liposonix ultrasound fat removal.
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The Times Magazine - 15th Jan 2011

"Purple vein, purple vein" - an article on thread veins, facial veins and hidden varicose veins by Sarah Vine.
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Mail on Sunday - 5th Dec 2010

Ladies, stop stripping ... (your varicose veins, that is!).
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Grazia - 8th November 2010

"The No-Scar Vein Therapy" featured Mark Whiteley and his research into the new RFiTT technique of treating varicose veins.

Vogue - November 2010 

Quoted "Airbrush away ... varicose and thread veins at the progressive Whiteley Clinic ... charming vascular surgeon Mark Whiteley".

Channel 4, Embarrassing Bodies, 9pm - 8th October 2010

Mark Whiteley performed a Laser Sweat Ablation on Embarrassing Bodies, Channel 4

Marie Claire - October 2010

Quoted as "The Vein Vanisher" Health section - September 2010

Article about excessive sweating with Mark Whiteley as the expert
Read online article - 14th September 2010

"Mr of the few vascular surgeons in the country who spends the majority of his week operating on veins"
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The Vogue Blog - 10th August 2010

Bare Necessities
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London Evening Standard - 28th July 2010

"Keep the blood flowing" by Liz Hoggard
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Saturday Telegraph Magazine - 8th July 2010

"Bikini body troubleshooters" by Kate Shapland
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Harper's Bazaar - June 2010

In the "A List" of leg experts
Quoted as "Mark Whiteley ... best for bare leg perfection"

Financial Times (FT) - How to spend it - May 2010

Extra leg Groom
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Tatler Cometic Surgery and Beauty Guide - May 2010

Quoted as "Mark Whiteley ... The Go-to Guy for vein free legs"

BBC Radio Surrey - 12th March 2010

Interview with Nick Wallis about varicose veins and charity ride
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She Magazine - 30th July 2009

Varicose veins treatment: one woman's story by Eve Cameron
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Daily Mail - 6th April 2009

ME AND MY OPERATION: My problem was cured by a laser - no sweat! by David Hurst
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BBC News Channel - 16th March 2009

"The end for my sweaty armpits"
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The Telegraph - 9th March 2009

Laser operation to stop sweating
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Mail on Sunday - 8th March 2009

The £3,500 laser surgery that will stop you sweating for good by Jo MacFarlane
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The Sunday Times - 11th November 2007

Vein hopes by Sally Brown
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Daily Mail - 19th May 2005

Can you take the stain?
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The Times - 4th October 2003

"Lunchtime fix: banish thread veins" by Portia Colwell
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Daily Mail - 27th July 2001

Sweating ruined my life - but a surgeon cured it! by Angela Brooks
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BBC Radio 4 - 2nd March 2001

You and yours
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Daily Mail - 1st January 2001

Beat varicose veins forever by Jane Bartlett
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BBC Radio Southern Counties - 20th November 2000

Me and my medic
Hear part 1 of interview
Hear part 2 of interview

The Telegraph -19th November 2000

New varicose vein surgery speeds recovery by Lorraine Fraser - This was the first national report of our keyhole approach and procedures
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